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Students FAQs (other countries)

What is the next step after I send you my Application for Admission Form?

As soon as your application documents are received and the application fee paid, we shall issue a Certificate of Admission with your student number on it. We shall also issue an account of your Tuition and other fees due. We will post and fax/email these documents to you. The Certificate of Admission will also assist in applying for a passport (if required) which you will then send us a copy as soon as you receive it.

How long does it take to receive the Certificate of Admission from the College?

It usually takes 3 weeks provided that you have sent all the necessary documents.

What should I do after I receive the Certificate of Admission?

After the Certificate of Admission you must make arrangements to forward the necessary fees (at least 3200 Euros which is the minimum payment allowed by the Cyprus government) to American College by Swift Transfer (details on request). An alternative way to send your Tuition Fees is through Western Union / Money Gram in the name of Adonis Americanos.

How much are the Tuition Fees of the college per year?

The tuition fees of the college are shown in the table below. However, please note that the minimum student payment to the college required by the Cyprus government is €3.200. The student will need to prove that he/she has forwarded this amount to the college before he/she gets his/her entry permit (visa).


Advance Payment For

Tuition Fees

Visa Deposit






1 Semester Undergraduate Programs




2 Semesters Undergraduate Programs (30% discount on second semester amount applies)




1 Summer Semester Program




1 Summer Semester FREE + 2 Semester Program (30% discount on third semester amount applies) 2.960 500 3.460

1 Semester MBA Program




2 Semesters MBA Program (5% discount on whole amount applies)




Complete MBA Program (6.5% discount on whole amount applies)




When do I receive my entry permit (visa) for Cyprus?

As soon as we receive the Application and Tuition fees payment and the application documents by the Migration department, we give instructions to students to visit the Cyprus Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in order to apply for their entry permit (visa).

What will happen if I do not succeed in obtaining an entry permit (visa)?

In case your entry permit (visa) application is rejected, we shall refund the tuition fees paid and the visa deposit (subject to a 10% deduction for bank and administration charge), providing you submit the rejection report issued by the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission.

What shall I do after I receive my entry permit (visa) from you?

You must then book your air ticket and make the necessary arrangements to travel to Cyprus.

When do you advise me on coming to Cyprus?

You are advised on travelling to Cyprus at least two weeks prior to the commencement of classes.

Can a college representative pick me up from Larnaca Airport?

This can be possible if you inform us of your arrival as soon as you book your air-ticket and not later than 4 days before you reach Cyprus. The airport pick-up cost is 50 Euro.

What must I bring with me when I arrive at Larnaca Airport?

Upon your arrival at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus you will have to present to the immigration officer at the passport control desk the following:

  1. At least €1.600 in the form of cash or traveller's cheques. However, we advise all students to bring with them at least €2.000 to cover their living expenses for the first few months.
  2. Certificate of Admission (issued by the college).
  3. Receipt issued by the Bank / Western Union / Money Gram that they have sent to the college €3.200.
  4. Entry permit (visa) (given at the Cyprus Embassy / Consulate / High Commission).
  5. An open-date return air ticket valid for one year.
  6. All the documents that were presented at the Cyprus Embassy/Consulate/High Commission and officially stamped by the visa officers.

The student will be given a temporary resident permit (visa) for 14 days at Larnaca Airport. The temporary resident permit will be extended after the student’s registration with the American College.

What is the purpose of the Medical Examination?

All students need to send to the college prove that they are free from HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and Tuberculosis. Also, once they arrive in Cyprus, students are examined for HIV, Hepatitis B, Syphilis and Tuberculosis. If a student is found to be HIV-positive and/or positively diagnosed as a Syphilis and/or active-tuberculosis and/or Hepatitis B and C carrier then he/she will be deported from Cyprus.

What are the programs of study at the American College?

The American College offers the following programs: 


Programs of Study

Master Degree

Bachelor's Degree

3-Year Higher Diploma

2-Year Diploma

Business Administration










Management Information Systems





International Business





Human Resource Management





Computer Science





Hotel Management





Travel and Tourism Management





Culinary Arts






What is the age of students you accept in your college?

The American College accepts all applicants who have completed 12 years schooling (Senior School). In case of minors (i.e. students under 18 years old) the student will need to provide a Parental Consent stating that the parents allow their son/daughter to live in Cyprus by himself/herself for the duration of his/her studies.

What will happen if my English proficiency is not up to the standard of the College?

All students when they arrive at the college must take the College English Placement Test at the time of the enrolment unless they posses English language qualifications which are acceptable by the college:

  • a minimum TOEFL score of 500 (paper-based) or 173 (computer-based) or 63 (internet-based); or
  • a grade of 'C' or better in GCE "O" Level English Language; or
  • a grade of 'B' or better in Cambridge Certificate of English Language; or
  • an average grade of 5.5 (with no sub-score under 5.0) in IELTS

Students who do not meet the standards of the College will be required to take English language courses before the commencement of their programs of study.

When should I apply to the college and when do the classes commence?

There are two compulsory semesters and the summer semester, which is optional. For more information regarding classes and

dates please check our Academic Calendar


During Summer English Session only Intensive English Language Courses (25 hours per week for 10 weeks) are offered to newly

admitted students.

Are the diplomas/degrees of the American College recognized by International Institutions?

Most of our diplomas/degrees are accredited by the Government of Cyprus and, therefore, by all other governments.  In addition many Universities in UK, USA, Canada and Australia recognize our diplomas and degrees to be of equal value. Our students are able to transfer to these universities with full recognition of all their credits earned at the American College.  This means that if students study for two years at the American College and obtain a two-year diploma, the students can transfer to UK and study for another year and receive a Bachelor degree.  When students transfer to USA, they receive a Bachelor degree in two years.  When students study for four years at the American College and obtain a bachelor degree, they can transfer to the UK/USA and study for their masters degree. 

Is it possible to attend two programs at the same time?

It is very difficult to attend two programs at the same time because that means enrolment for 30 credit hours per semester, which is too much.  However you may attend some extra courses from another program of study if you wish.

Can students receive exemptions from your college for studies they have completed in their own country when they transfer to your college?

It is possible for students who have studied and obtained other diplomas and degrees from other recognised universities/colleges to apply to the college for exemption of credits. Students must produce evidence from previous studies such as prospectuses, course description, course analysis and outlines and all certificates from Universities.

What is the size of your college and how many students are there?

The American College is a compact and very dynamic college. The capacity of the college is 1000 students from more than 30 countries around the world. The college has the advantage of being in the center of the capital, Nicosia, with all services available to our student community.  It has many distinguished professors and lecturers and a very large number of administrative staff which serve our student community on most of the matters.

What is the accommodation and living costs in Cyprus?

The cost of accommodation depends on the type of apartment (flat) which the students will decide to rent and the number of students sharing. The average expenditure for 8 months of accommodation and living expenses is €4.000. The accommodation and living costs depend on the life style of each student.

Who will arrange the accommodation for me?

The college will provide accommodation for you based on your needs. This can be arranged when you come to Cyprus.

What is the Climate of Cyprus?

Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from mid-May to mid-October and mild winters from November to February. Mean temperature during the summer is 35 C (96 F) and during winter is 8 C (42 F). Due to the marvelous climate and variety of scenery, the island offers endless opportunities for nature lovers and outdoor sports fans. Activities such as angling, mountain-biking, hiking, golf and sea sports are but a few that the island offers.

Is it possible for students to work in Cyprus while studying?

Students in Cyprus are allowed to work part-time (20 hours per week) during the semester and full-time (38 hours per week) during their holiday period. However, any kind of student employment is allowed in specific occupations, which are published by the Ministry of Labour, and after the end of six months of the student's first entry into Cyprus. In case a student is found to be working illegally without being registered at the college he/she will be deported and his/her name will be placed at the immigration stop list.

Also, students studying Hotel Management and Culinary Arts are allowed to work during the summer as part of their practical training.


How can I receive more information about the college?

It is possible to write to the college postal address or to send an email: or to visit our website:

What shall I do if I want to study at the American College?

Applicants wishing to apply for admission should send the following to the Office of Admissions (the fourth (4th) requirement applies only for MBA applicants and the sixth (6th) only for minors (i.e. students under 18 years old)):

  1. Completed Application for Admission Form.
  2. Application Fee of €150 (includes the Migration Application Fee of €85) which is non-refundable.
  3. Photocopies of attested Senior High School Graduation Certificate and Mark Sheet. If the photocopies of the School Certificate and Mark Sheet are issued in a language other than English then an English translation must be attached to the attested copies of the Certificate and Mark Sheet,
  4. Photocopies of attested Bachelor Degree Certificate and Mark Sheet. If the photocopies of the Bachelor Degree Certificate and Mark Sheet are issued in a language other than English then an English translation must be attached to the attested copies of the Certificate and Mark Sheet.
  5. Photocopy of Medical Examinations report which proves that the student is free from HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis and Tuberculosis.
  6. If the student is under 18 years old at the commencement of his/her studies, please provide a photocopy of attested Parental Consent stating that the parents allow their son/daughter to live in Cyprus by himself/herself for the duration of the studies.
  7. Photocopy of attested Non-Criminal Record Certificate issued by the local police or Ministry of Home Affairs (for Indian nationals this must be issued by the Passport Office), stating that the applicant has no criminal record. This must have a validity of at least six (6) months from the date of the interview.
  8. Photocopy of attested Bank Letter stating that the student's sponsor has sufficient funds to finance the student's stay and studies in Cyprus. The student's name, sponsor's name and their relationship should appear clearly on the letter. The sponsor can only be the father or mother of the applicant. This must have been issued no more than six (6) months before the date classes commence for the semester/session applying for. If neither the Passport nor the Police Character Letter state the relationship between the student and the sponsor then a Certificate of Relationship issued by the Police or other official authorities stating the relationship between the student and the sponsor must accompany the bank letter.
  9. Two Photographs (passport size with the applicant's name written at the back).
  10. Photocopy of Passport valid for at least two years from the commencement of classes.

As soon as the Office of Admissions receives all the above and provided that the applicant satisfies the admission entry requirements, the Office of Admissions will send a Certificate of Admission along with an Acceptance of Admissions Offer form to the applicant.

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